MAT64 - Adventure 1

MAT64 - Adventure 1
Adventure 1

A love letter to 'AVVENTURA 1'.

Y N 1 2
3 4 5
1 2
3 4 5

This is a love letter to 'AVVENTURA 1' a fantasy adventure game from Alessandro Castellari written in 1983.

I've adapted it in English with the purpose to preserve and share it to everyone. I also took the opportunity to revamp some of my tunes for my favorite R3, a SID 6581 made in 1983.

Hope you like it.

Luca/FIRE's Speaking

For many young Italian adventureers in the '80s, "Avventura 1" has literally been the open gate to that gigantic cultural bunch of literature, music, art and in general way of life moving under the "fantasy" label. This little piece of Basic struggling made history.

I cannot rest in silence in front of these emotional vibrations, so I converted it on Plus/4 all in one big file.

Play it on Mobile

You can play the game on your mobile with this emulator.

Touch play to start it.
Touch emulator again to start audio.
Use numbers and letters to interact.
Flip intro pages with the key "1" or "2".

mobile emulator website

Play it on Desktop

You can play the game on the emulator, just click play to start it in an new window

desktop emulator website

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